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> LG 70 inch LED TV blur/motion issue
сообщение 23.12.2017, 10:43
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Just bought the LG 7100 70 inch LED TV after having a rear projection TV for the last 11 years. Having problems with blurriness when watching football, specifically the grass. Picture is perfect and crsip before the play starts, but as soon as the ball is snapped, the grass blurs, almost like the TV/pizels can't follow the action if that makes sense. Geek squad was zero help. I have the X1 box from Xfinity hooked up through an HDMI cable. Have turned off trumotion and played with settings but nothing seems to work. Is this normal with LED TV's and will I see this with all brands of 70- inch TV's? Is it a settings or cable signal issue?

Please help.
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