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> Nike SNKRS Released the LeBron 15 ‘Diamond Turf’, Nike SNKRS Released the LeBron 15 ‘Diamond Turf’
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Nike and LeBron James is expanding on the LeBron Watch series. The two will pay tribute to Deion Sanders by releasing the LeBron 15 Shoes ‘Diamond Turf’ which resembles that of Primetime’s signature shoe.

As you can see, this Nike LeBron 15 matches up with the Diamond Turf nicely by its color use. They also include the mid-foot strap along with LeBron Shoes the Diamond Turf logo.

LeBron James wore the Nike LeBron 15 Diamond Turf tonight against the Houston Rockets where LeBron racked up 11 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists.LeBron 16 Around tip-off, Nike SNKRS released them via the Draw and sold-out fast. Retail price is $200. Although its unknown if a wider launch will take place, we will make sure to update you with more information. Continue to scroll below to check out more images http://www.lebron16shoes.com which will give you a closer look.

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