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Participation in sport and physical activity is the key to better health and wellbeing. This new funding will deliver more opportunities for women and girls to get involved in grassroots sports and physical activity."

Minister Hennessey ran the message home yet again emphasising that the funding is an opportunity to get ‘everyday’ women involved in active recreation and sport. “You don't have to be Wonder Woman to play sport. Gender equality really counts. It’s the way to ensure everyone in our society gets a fair go.”

Held at the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Parkville, ambassadors from sporting organisations receiving the funding were thrilled at the announcement.

Kirsten Beams from the Melbourne Stars and Sophie Molineux from Melbourne Rebels said, "Today is a proud day to play sport in Victoria."

AFLW player Cat Phillips who competes in Ultimate (Frisbee) Victoria said, “Looking at all the things I’ve gotten out of playing sport, I feel more confident, happier and active and I want all young girls to have that where they’re growing up.”

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